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Screen Porches


Are you looking to build install or repair your screen porch? Ebenezer General Contractors has got you covered! Enjoy your outdoor living space with a screen porch to cover your deck that is perfect for relaxing and entertaining. Get on a consultation with us and we will share our expertise and professional knowledge to help you guide you into creating the perfect deck & screen porch that you have been dreaming about.

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After its establishment in 2015, Ebenezer GC Innovations was able to provide high quality services in the Virginia area that people can definitely trust. Our company has been working on numerous projects such as house remodeling, deck construction, kitchen renovation, and more. No job can be too small or too big for us and we provide free quotes to our increasing clientele and we aim to communicate with them continuously so that we can complete every project correctly according to what they have envisioned.

Screen Porches

Having a screened porch can allow people to enjoy the wonderful combination of the outdoors and the inside of the home. Here, you can swing, sit, or lie down and enjoy the fresh air without bugs or rain. You will gloriously feel the wonderful breeze and enjoy the cool air during evening.

Aside from that, the climate in central Virginia has a mild fall and spring weather that can be great for a screened porch. People can go there to sip the cider when its November, see the fireflies dance during August, and smell take a smell of the lilacs in April.

After the screen porches’ heyday which happened in the early 20th century, the decks eclipsed them in popularity. A lot of them got enclosed for the creation of sunrooms. However, the screens are now making a comeback. That may be because of the nostalgia or its design is an embodiment of pleasure and function.

The advantages and disadvantages of including a screened porch on a home

Whenever it is summer in Virginia, if you plan to go outside but desire to avoid the unavoidable bites from the mosquito, it is recommended to install a screened porch.

Having a screened porch will allow you to experience the outdoors similar to being on a deck without being afraid of getting bit by a mosquito or burnt by the sun as there is a screen that covers you on every side.

However, what could be the advantages and disadvantages of installing an outdoor room on the deck. Here is a breakdown of the pros and cons.

The Cons

A lot of the home builders consider screened porches advantageous as long as they are handled the right way. These may be difficult to aesthetically pull it off when they are in front of the home if the style is not a traditional farmhouse. Most of the time, it would be great to add them to the rear or side of a home.

The common suspects which are cash and space are the real impediments. One of the concerns is that customers can get too creative. Recently, there has been a trend of adding a porch or screened patio underneath the deck. Whenever a screened porch fits on a home, customers often ask about them.

When it comes to the price of areas with a screen, the amount may be around $15 thousand to $20 thousand more compared to just the patio or deck. Despite that, homeowners can still expect that they will see a return on what they invested.

Moreover, adding a screen may end up limiting the amount of natural that that enters the home especially in kitchens and great rooms where they are often used. In this case, skylights can provide the needed assistance.

Aside from that, there are a lot of people who now prefer practicality over perfection whenever screened rooms are involved. More of the baby boomers are adding the feature of a screened porch compared to the millennial buyers. However, this may be due to the influence of their budget.

The Advantages

Numerous local buyers are interest in adding a screened porch as they are interested in living that is protected by a screen. Aside from that, homeowners are now starting to dress up their screened areas as there is an increase in the number of people who can pull together screened spaces and great rooms with fireplaces that are see-through. There are now numerous customers that request for wood fireplaces in the outdoors that have stone chimneys which are installed in the porch space with screens.

Numerous modern homeowners are making inquiries regarding screened porches. Whatever type of home you have, this will allow the comforts of the home inside to be available outdoors. Since it can now be easy to have this installed in new homes, it can definitely open up numerous possibilities.

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