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After its establishment in 2015, Ebenezer GC Innovations was able to provide high quality services in the Virginia area that people can definitely trust. Our company has been working on numerous projects such as house remodeling, deck construction, kitchen renovation, and more. No job can be too small or too big for us and we provide free quotes to our increasing clientele and we aim to communicate with them continuously so that we can complete every project correctly according to what they have envisioned.

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Involved in masonry is the creation of structures of buildings that are in single units which are eventually bound and laid with each other using mortar. When it comes to masonry’s construction, people usually utilize brick blocks, stone, and concrete.

Masonry is now a technique that is popular all over the world since it has a lot of advantages. However, just like any other construction method, it still has several limitations.

Masonry and Its Advantages in Construction

Here are the general advantages that may get applied to every kind of masonry unit which includes concrete blocks, stone, and brick:

  • The building’s thermal mass is increased effectively because of masonry units.
  • Masonry allows the building to become highly resistant to any natural disaster like tornadoes, hurricanes, weather, rotting, and pests.
  • Compared to other building types, those that were able to undergo masonry are the ones that have a longer lifespan.
  • Because of the resistance and durability of masonry, it may have the capability of withstanding an enormous load of weight that may compress it.
  • Structures in masonry allows the building to have an appearance that is elegant and rustic. However, this may depend on the expertise of the worker and the materials in use.
  • Since masonry is non-combustible, it allows the building to improve significantly as it is highly effective in protecting its occupants against the dangers of fire. Because of this advantage, masonry is often used to create fireplaces.

Masonry’s Disadvantages in Construction

  • Structures in masonry can be stable but it may depend completely on its foundation. Whenever the foundation ends up settling, it may become likely to have cracks. In case this happens, it must undergo immediate repair in order to avoid moisture’s infiltration and damage.
  • When it comes to masonry’s construction, it often involves heavy materials that includes bricks, stone, and concrete blocks. Using vehicles that are conventional whenever it needs to get transported can be difficult. Aside from that, there may be instances when there is a need for them to get ordered from certain catalogs especially whenever they are made with the use of stone.
  • Time in a significant amount and planning for the project sufficiently are required in the completion of masonry in construction. Because of this, it could be essential to employ highly specialized manpower that could depend on the type or masonry.
  • Whenever the rain is heavy or the weather is freezing, it may not become possible to have any masonry activities. The reason for this is that it can be possible for the mortar to get severely affected.

Since we have now established masonry’s general pros and cons, we will now discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the materials that are commonly used: concrete blocks, brick, and stone.

Masonry of Concrete Blocks

Advantages of Concrete Blocks of Masonry

Because of the resistance of masonry against fire, weather, pests, and mold, it can be highly expensive to transport concrete blocks. However, there are a lot of cases where you can locally find this material. Aside from that, it can be available in various colors, sizes, and finishes. It can also be possible for the units to become manufactured in a way that it meets the set requirements of a project. Blocks of concrete are created with the use of materials that underwent recycling. Moreover, concrete blocks also possess great properties in insulation against moisture, sound, and heat.

Disadvantages of Concrete Blocks

Because of the size of the blocks of concrete, they can be heavy and hard to handle which is why it would require additional manpower. Moreover, using concrete blocks may increase the steel that is needed in the reinforcement of the concrete structure made of cement. Concrete blocks may come in various prices that would depend on its availability, cost of cement, and region. In case there are problems in plumbing in the structure of the concrete masonry, they can be more difficult to solve because it may eventually lead to flooding inside the house. Whenever this occurs, the concrete blocks need to get cut open and this process may create a lot of material waste and need reparations that can be highly expensive. Whenever people deal with the masonry of the concrete block, it is vital that they have a drainage system that is highly effective.

Masonry of Brick

Advantages of Brick Masonry

Labor that is highly skilled is not needed in brick masonry because the masonry units have a size and shape that is relatively uniform. Moreover, since the bricks are lightweight, it can minimize the dead loads, be more affordable compared to concrete blocks and stones, and easier to transport and handle. Since brick walls are can be thinner, you may have the units adhered with mortar in different kinds but this may depend on the requirements of the structure. It can be easy to create openings for windows and doors with bricks and the costs may get minimized due to the thinner joints.

Disadvantages of Brick Masonry

Bricks can be highly susceptible to any seismic damage because it has a low resistance against torsion loads and tension. In comparison to concrete and stone blocks, the bricks are not as durable and strong and the available colors and sizes are limited. The cost of the construction may also increase since it is required to include plasterwork as finishing.

Masonry of Stone

Pros of Stone Masonry

Because of the material’s natural durability, it can be the one that is most durable, strong, and weather resistant. Stone is recommended for use in buildings that often experience a lot of foot traffic as it does not bend or dent. One of the main advantages of stone is that is has a variety of colors, sizes, and textures and has an appearance that is aesthetically great. Since this is the case, it comes in a wide array of possibilities in design. Moreover, since it is highly durable, stone masonry may only require minimal maintenance and repairs.

Stone Masonry and it Cons

Since the stone walls can be heavy and thick, it can lessen the available floor space. It even has a self weight that is high in combination with the seismic resistance, tensile strength, and low strength that is flexural. It can be time-consuming to undergo stone masonry and it needs workers that are highly skilled as having it relocated, altered, or repaired can be difficult. It is vital to have it installed carefully whenever stone masonry is used so that the final structure will become safer for all of its occupants.

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