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After its establishment in 2015, Ebenezer GC Innovations was able to provide high quality services in the Virginia area that people can definitely trust. Our company has been working on numerous projects such as house remodeling, deck construction, kitchen renovation, and more. No job can be too small or too big for us and we provide free quotes to our increasing clientele and we aim to communicate with them continuously so that we can complete every project correctly according to what they have envisioned.

Great Deck Installs

Even if roof membranes with a reflective single-ply and roof insulations that are high thermal appears to have captured the interest of the public in roofing with a low slope, these may only be a couple of the numerous items that facility managers should consider in a system for roofing.

Aside from that, around two-thirds of every activity in low-slope roofs may involve renovation or replacement. When it comes to these cases, there may be no vital information or record designer regarding the structure and the roof may end up lost because of time.

Since the roof deck is the foundation of the roof system, our focus would be on some systems in the roof deck that building managers may encounter whenever they contemplate for roof work.

Aside from the resistance of lateral loading from seismic forces and wind as well as gravity loads, the structural deck of the building should also satisfy the other requirements in design:

  • Technique of component anchorage
  • Stability which is dimensional
  • Resistance to deflection
  • Characteristic of the surface
  • Resistance to fire

Even if the building designer can address all of these attributes on the drawing board, the manager of the building may need to become aware of the current condition of the overhead. That is because there may have been changes in the building over time. Some of the examples include the kinds of roof membranes that are in place (particularly if the roof got re-covered since it originally got occupied), new equipment installed on the roof, the deck or the fasteners’ corrosion, interior humidity that is high, occupancy’s conditions, and so much more.

The following are the basic decks of roofs that are often in use with commercial systems in membrane roofing:

  • Wood sheathing – Includes the oriented strand board (OSB), plywood, and sawed lumber
  • Steel – Cold-rolled and light-gauge sections that are screwed and welded to the bar joists
  • Gypsum – Poured or precast in place
  • Thermoset – Asphalt fills that are compacted
  • Concrete – Precast or poured-in-place
  • Decks of insulating concrete that is lightweight and composite on form boards or corrugated steel
  • Wood fiber which is cementitious.

It is fortunate that there are trade associations that focus on every type of deck and provide vital documents that you can freely download from the internet.

Now, why does a property manager or owner have to become interested on a deck of a building as well as its condition? The following are the reasons:

  • To become aware of the roof deck’s condition. You would have to check if it is unsafe, damaged, corroded, or detached as well as if the deck is deflected or deformed that it ponds the water.
  • Have knowledge if the deck is capable of handling a roof system that is heavier which involves the replacement of a built-up membrane of the roof with a system that is single-ply and ballasted.
  • In case you will use mechanical fasteners to have the single-ply membrane or insulation attached to the deck, could the deck be able to provide enough resistance to the pullout? There are some systems in single-ply that need a steel deck that is stronger so it will be able to meet the design for the wind. In case the roof is in need of patching, can it be possible to remove sections of the deck in a safe way so it can get safely replaced? There was a time in the past when people commonly practice the removal of deteriorated decking made of gypsum so it can get replaced with rigid insulation of the roof and metal decking. The NRCDA warns strongly that can be unsafe which is why they do not recommend it. It is vital to use poured gypsum, galvanized mesh of wire, and new form boards. It can be vital to attach galvanized mesh wire to the wire that exists at the patch’s perimeter for reasons of safety.

Whenever there is a need to have the existing roof removed down the deck, you can plan for a sloped fill or tapered insulation as a solution to the problems in ponding and check if the clearance at every equipment hatch, window, and access doors will get imperiled.

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