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One of the most important things that we miss out on renovating our homes is painting the exterior. Some people tend to forget this essential part of the house and only rely on the default colors that contractors get from their supply of siding and roofing products. It’s time to take it to the next level and get your house a make-over by painting your home to the colors that you want.

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Mix and Match

Some may consider painting the walls and other exterior parts of the house as an additional expense. However, admit it or not, we don’t want our homes to look dull and unattractive. It can be an eyesore sooner or later. Remember that the colors of your sidings and roof can fade as years go by and it’s better than at least these are covered with another layer of paint colors you choose to make your house more vibrant and will last for years.

We Know Our Colors

As one of the most reliable home construction contractors in the country, we know our colors. We make sure to communicate consistently with our clientele so that we know what color or theme that they want for their homes. We take time or sampling on the colors, and experiment of which blend fits best because we also want to make your house or business building stand out from all the rest.

Our team has been carefully trained and highly skilled in their craft as they have painted various houses in the area for years. We have satisfied a lot of customers due to our excellent paintwork on their homes and buildings that have let heads turn to marvel at them.

Aside from exterior painting, we can also interior painting as well as we carefully paint your walls with refreshing coats that would add more warmth and comfort in your home.

How We Paint Your Homes

To give you an idea of how we at Ebenezer General Contracting will be painting your homes, here is a list of how we do our painting process.

  1.   We Paint During Warm Weather – We don’t like painting during the cold and rainy days because this will affect the quality of the paint when it is applied. This is why we highly advise our clients to contact us the soonest so that we can schedule the best hours during the day to do the paint job.
  2.   We Do a Visual Inspection First – We don’t just apply the paints right away, of course. Our team carefully does a visual inspection to make sure if the colors will go well with your walls or not. We know how much the spending costs is to be painting inside and outside the home, so we make sure that nothing is wasted. We inspect the area first before we apply fresh new paint.
  3.   We only use high-quality top paint brands – Since we value our clients, we make our utmost priority to only use high-quality paints made by the country’s top brands. Using paints from questionable sources might not give out the vibrant colors that you are expecting to have.
  4.   We only paint those areas that you want to be painted. – During our inspection process, we carefully cover and protect all those areas and items on your walls and exteriors that you don’t want to be painted. We double-check and even triple check to make sure that not also paint spot will be spilled in those areas.
  5.   We Double Check On Client’s Preferred Colors – Although we will be doing the painting work for you, the final say of the colors of the home will be up to you. We want to ask what colors or blends you prefer, and we will see if those blends perfectly or not. We honestly don’t like you get the wrong combination of colors on your walls and exterior so we will do a couple of samples to check if these colors will work or not.
  6.   We use quality painting tools – High-quality paint jobs require high-quality painting tools that don’t break or leave a mess during the painting process. As a reliable contractor company, we will always do our part to make sure that none of our painting materials will create a messy finish.

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